• shooting day costs $500
• after shooting you will get 25-35 ready made photos in JPG or TIFF (on request)

General work notes:
• before shooting you have to describe your object and send me a few photos or renders
• the priority is shots with natural light
• the shooting of the object is carried out without outsiders people and can take about 6-8 hours on average
• please warn the owners about the duration of the session and the possible rearrangement of small furniture and home decor
• in post-production, stains or dust on the floor, glass surfaces, correction of contractors' shortcomings are minimised, so if necessary, clean the object before shooting
• 2-3 days after the shooting you will receive a preview for the selection of 25-35 photos
• in case you need more processed photos, you can add them for an additional cost of $15 per each
• 3 weeks after you choose the preview, I will send the finished files on google drive
• when you will publishing your project, please mark the author of the photos